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Welcome to the official website of Grand Atlantic

This is the official website for Brisbane indie / psych rock group, Grand Atlantic. After forming in 1996,  touring heavily both within Australia and internationally and releasing 3 albums along with several EPs and singles, the members decided to go their separate ways in 2013.

Here you will find links to buy or download the entire back catalogue (or parts thereof to complete your collection) via Bandcamp, links to all the Grand Atlantic videos and a bunch of photos taken while on the road, in the studio and promotional shots.

You will also find links to Grand Atlantic’s members’ new musical endeavours such as Morgan Hann‘s solo work, Phil and Matt’s band¬†The Happy Mediums and Sean’s band The Valery Trails.

You can also drop us a line with any old photos, stories or abuse owed to us.. it’d be great to hear from you!

Cheers, Phil, Sean, Morgan, Mat


Here are links to our main CD & vinyl releases where you can hear every track and read what people said about them at the time. We have these releases as well as a selection of digital singles available for purchase and download here