How We Survive

GA002 // Digital / LO113 // Laughing Outlaw – CD // July 2009

  1. Coast Is Clear
  2. Tripwires
  3. She’s A Dreamer
  4. Freeway
  5. How We Survive
  6. Used To be The Sensitive Type
  7. Just Another Ghost Town
  8. Hit N Run/So Cold
  9. Holding Pattern
  10. These Are The Times
  11. Don’t Say Goodnight

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She’s A Dreamer


This is melody-dripping guitar pop at its finest.
Paul Smith, Sydney Morning Herald

Bands from The Church to the Dandy Warhols have done the ’60s-through-a-psychedelic-haze thing very well but, in 2009, you won’t hear many doing it with the verve and focus – and the sweaty energy – of Grand Atlantic
Noel Mengel, Courier Mail – 4.5 stars

With shimmering guitars that give way to seductive melodies.. enthralling and stunning new album
PowerPop Overdose

Grand Atlantic’s second full-length album is a fairly chock-full plate of pop rock, with big sounds, singalong hooks and catchy melodies… How We Survive is a masterfully crafted record.
Time Off Magazine

This is the excellent album Oasis should have done after What’s the Story Morning Glory but didn’t
Lucid Culture, USA

A joyride of dense, churning guitars that sounds like Primal Scream getting Spiritualized!–
L.A. Times 

“How We Survive” is out to impress and Grand Atlantic is taking no prisoners. Uncompromising in songwriting quality and recording expertise (the record was mixed by Magoo, whose clientele include Midnight Oil and Powderfinger). Sonically, “How We Survive” sounds terrific. More important, many of the songs also sound terrific, well-written and harboring to-the-point melodies that aim to grab you quick.
Now This ROCKS!